AMD EPYC 9454P-2, 256 GB RAM, 2x2 TB NVMe

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The AMD EPYC 9454P is a powerful server processor from AMD's latest 4th Gen EPYC "Genoa" lineup. Here are the key details about a system configured with this CPU, 256GB RAM, and 2x2TB NVMe SSDs:

    1. AMD EPYC 9454P Processor

- 48 cores and 96 threads[4][5] - Base clock of 2.35GHz, max boost clock of 4.0GHz[4][5] - 384MB L3 cache[4][5] - 7nm Zen 4 architecture with support for PCIe 5.0[4][5] - 360W TDP[4][5]

The 9454P is one of the highest-end SKUs in the Genoa lineup, offering immense multi-threaded performance for demanding workloads like virtualization, databases, and HPC applications.

    1. 256GB RAM

- Likely DDR5 ECC registered DIMMs running at high speeds (up to 4800MHz supported)[4][5] - Provides massive memory bandwidth and capacity for memory-intensive workloads.

    1. 2x2TB NVMe SSDs

- Likely PCIe 4.0 or 5.0 NVMe drives for ultra-fast storage performance[2] - RAID 1 configuration provides redundancy and data protection[2] - Up to 6700 MB/s read speeds for the NVMe drives[2]

Overall, this server configuration packs exceptional compute power from the 48-core EPYC 9454P, massive memory capacity and bandwidth from 256GB DDR5 RAM, and high-speed redundant NVMe storage.[2][4][5] It would excel at demanding enterprise workloads requiring extreme multi-threaded performance and large memory/storage requirements.

AMD EPYC 9454P-2, 256 GB RAM, 2x2 TB NVMe (base price) - $280.00 USD per monthAMD EPYC 9454P-2, 256 GB RAM, 2x2 TB NVMe (base price) - Installation Fee (180.00 USD one-time fee)

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